Inspired By Joseph Photography launches free six-week summer project for children

DIGGLE photographer Bev Ridyard is helping children to battle boredom this summer holidays as she runs a free, six-week photo challenge for the second year running.

One of the photos from Faye’s winning session last year

Bev, the owner of Inspired By Joseph Photography, has been listening to parents talk about how tough the school holidays can be and wanted to offer a small, inexpensive way of giving children a little extra thing to focus on.

The mum of two said: “My two children aren’t of school age just yet but I remember always telling my parents how bored I was in the summer holidays!

“In reality, being a parent is super tough so if this gives mums and dads just half an hour’s peace a week, I will be glad I have helped!

“Last year, we had some great entrants and children who committed to photographing every week which is a massive achievement.”

And this year, Bev has partnered up with Little Owl Farm in Delph and has some exciting plans for week three of the challenge.

“It is going to be super fun, so watch this space!” she said secretively!

Bev is making it super simple for families to get involved with the challenge. Parents or guardians just need to register to receive a weekly email.

Then each Sunday evening, a theme will be provided for children to interpret, and parents just need to reply to the email with their child’s best photograph.

At the end of the six weeks, one winner will receive a complimentary photo session with Inspired By Joseph Photography, and Bev will also give personal tips to the winner.

Bev’s passion as a photographer goes way beyond taking family photographs for clients; she inspires them to take better photographs themselves.

She has taken one photograph of her life every day since she found out she was having her first born, Joseph and now has an impressive album with over 1, 500 photos to date.

For more details and to register your child to take part in the summer photography challenge, visit: before Monday, July 23.

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