Intimate exhibition charts war-affected family’s journey

A POWERFUL exhibition offering a rare glimpse into the lives of one Syrian family uprooted by war is coming to Gallery Oldham.

The exhibition provides an emotional look at the journey of the al-Hindawi family, who fled their home in Homs, Syria, in 2012 due to the ongoing civil war.

Hanan (right) and Rayan photographed by their mother, Ruba, while playing with a dog in their neighbours garden. © al-Hindawi family

Through intimate photographs and film, it explores their experiences living as displaced people in Lebanon and later resettling in East Yorkshire in 2017.

Entitled ‘In Which Language Do We Dream?’, the exhibition runs from February 10 to May 11, 2024.

The family’s matriarch Ruba al-Hindawi, whose pre-war job was working in a photo lab, said: “Our lives have been different in every place, in Syria, Lebanon and now England and we want people to see this.

“Our photographs help to explain this and I want our children to be able to see how our lives have changed because I don’t know if we will ever be able to go back home or not.”

A touring exhibition from Impressions Gallery, it was co-created by photographer Rich Wiles and the al-Hindawi family over five years.

It juxtaposes the family’s rescued old family photos with modern images capturing their journey and new life in the UK.

There will be an opening event on February 10 at 2pm during which Rich Wiles will discuss the exhibition, which is suitable for all ages.

For more information including the gallery’s opening times, visit

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