Is there such a thing as a good divorce?

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WHEN you have a family it’s an emotional day making the decision to separate or divorce, whether by mutual agreement or otherwise.

But as part of Good Divorce Week 2021 family solicitors are trying to guide clients around parenting through separation with a child-focused approach.

“When you have children they come first and divorce or separation is only the first step in the parents’ future co-parenting journey,” said Pearson family solicitor Karen Kenyon.

“With the benefit of experience, family lawyers know it is often difficult for couples to realise which aspects of co-parenting they will agree on or those that will lead to conflict.”

Resolution, a group of family justice professionals whose aim is to resolve issues in a constructive way, has produced a ‘parenting after parting’ guide to steer couples through the process in the best way possible for children.

The aim of Good Divorce Week, which runs from November 29 to December 3, is to kickstart a national conversation about how parents can embrace a child-focused approach to separation.

“Family relationships have come under immense pressure since the start of the pandemic and the children of parents who separate can find the experience one of the most challenging and impactful of their lives so we always ask our clients to put the interests of their children first,” added Karen.

There are many touchpoints along the way once a couple decides to split and getting good legal advice from the outset is important.

Even if the split is amicable couples can disagree about things such as medical and therapeutic care, parenting, religion or culture, education, holidays, living and contact arrangements and their child’s social activities.

“As legal professionals we have been through this process many times, but for our clients it is new territory and we understand it can be daunting and scary,” said Karen.

“A good solicitor will from the start talk their client through the steps involved, the realistic expectations, parental responsibility, the financial implications of divorce and any legal action which is necessary.”

Karen Kenyon

The Parenting Through Separation Guide is written by family professionals and advises parents of how to put their children first during a separation.

Pearson Solicitors is offering the guide for free to local families who are divorcing or separating.

Juliet Harvey, national chair of Resolution, added: “I’m really pleased to have the support of Pearson’s family solicitors during Good Divorce Week.

“Resolution members like them do really important work in their community to help families separate in a constructive and amicable way.

“The more families who know about and use the free Parenting Through Separation Guide, the better equipped they will be to navigate the challenges divorce and separation brings, particularly when it comes to putting children first.”

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