Is this Saddleworth’s oldest cat?

IF CATS really do have nine lives than grand old man Felix has used up his fair share.

p30 felix and jackie taylor
OLDEST CAT? Felix with owner Jackie Taylor

After all the Delph feline once went through three in one day to the shock of owner Jackie Taylor.

Felix survived being hit by a car, overdosed on epilepsy medicine prescribed for one-time canine chum, Jasper, and plunging groggily from a second-storey window onto a concrete patio.

So, next birthday the magnificent moggy will celebrate his 22nd birthday to lay claim to the unofficial title of Saddleworth’s oldest cat.

In human terms, the black and white former rescue pussy, bought as a pet for Jackie’s daughter, Laura, in 1994, is 104.

“He’s a bit deaf, got a piece of his right ear missing and his mouse catching days are behind him,” said Jackie, a social worker.

“But he can still move round the house at speed when it’s time for him to be brushed.

“And he certainly doesn’t take kindly to going to the vets. None of them can get near enough to give him any jabs. They have had to put ‘dangerous’ on his card.

“Really, he’s just got lots of character,” smiled Jackie, a keen walker and budding dry stone waller.

Despite his longevity Felix, who celebrates his birthday in September, is still a kitten compared to other record breaking cats.

Whiskey from Buckinghamshire was believed to be the world’s oldest cat when he died 10 days after his 30th birthday last September.

And Crème Puff of Austin, Texas is generally believed to be the oldest of all-time having lived to 38 years and one day.

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