Kind-hearted pupil Lewis to set up shop for The Christie

MOST 11-year-olds are likely to be found saving up for the latest gadgets and toys to show off to their friends…

But rather than buying an array of books, DVDs and toys, kind-hearted Lewis Bone has decided he will be selling them to raise money for The Christie.

Lewis will be flogging his wares at a stall at the Kids Car Boot sale at Saddleworth School on Sunday, October 7 from 10am-12noon.

His mum Tracy explained: “It all started because Lewis had been hearing about his classmates at Saddleworth School earning their ‘petals’ by taking part in various sporting events outside of school hours.

“Lewis has Asperger’s and is not interested in sports but he also has hyper mobility disorder meaning although regular exercise is good it can sometimes take its toll on his joints.

“We read through his school diary and there were a list of other things he could participate in to earn his ‘petal’ and he instantly said ‘I want to raise some money for charity’.

“I talked him through some various organisations that he could raise money for and he chose The Christie after learning about the work they do.”

This year, pupils at Saddleworth School are being encouraged to demonstrate the pride they have in being part of the school by ‘earning their badge’ and taking part in extra activities and opportunities.

Tracy continued: “Lewis dug out his own items to sell and I posted on Greenfield Primary School (his old school) Facebook page and people have been extremely kind in their donations.

“We’ve got everything from DVDs to fancy dress outfits and even brand new clothes with the tags still on!

“No reasonable offer will be turned down in the day and every single penny made will be donated. He would really like as much support as possible on the day.

“He’s not done any fundraising before and he’s super excited! I’m very proud of him and I’m hoping this will encourage him to take part in similar events or get involved in other community activities.”

Kids Car Boot events are where children’s products can be sold, swapped or bought to help clear the house of clutter, and make money too. Any leftover items can be donated to be taken to Barnardo’s.

The events have been run at Saddleworth School for around five years by Steve Winfield and Kerri Roberts.

The next event is on Sunday, October 7 at Saddleworth School from 10am-12noon. There is plenty of parking. Admission is just £1 for adults, children go free. Refreshments available.

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