Kitchen’s ultra cool features

BUSINESSMAN James Wells crossed the bands of time in his search for something unique to celebrate refurbishing his stylish kitchen.

Eventually, after lots of soul searching, he decided on  stunning granite tops to complete the job.

COOL: Ice kitchen
COOL: Ice kitchen

But the worktops themselves come with their own distinctive history … from a land that time almost forget.

The granite, which glows mysteriously like the fabled Northern Lights, can only be quarried for three months of the year.

The rest of the time it remains buried under thick wall of ice in Norway.

And Mr Wells commissioned  Woodbrook Construction from Springhead to carry out the impressive installation to add their  masterful finishing touches to the project.

Run by Brandon Greene and Mick Woodcock, SWoodbrook Construction specialise in a wide range of kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and all building and joinery projects.

And they have build an enviable reputation for quality workmanship in the local and wider community.

COOL: Ice kitchen
COOL: Ice kitchen

Said Brandon, who has been  fitting kitchen 25 years: “The granite is really unusual it’s the rarest I’ve seen.

“It comes from way below the ice and  carries deeply  embedded colours which give  a remarkable glow.

“It is very easy to work with but just requires a lot of a care and attention to ensure a high quality finish.”

The kitchen at Mr Well’s Dobcross home took the duo a month to complete along with all the latest fittings and appliances.

And Mick added “All our efforts paid off. We are very proud of the job.”

Said satisfied Mr Wells: “There were only three pieces of this special granite available –  just enough to complete the work tops.”

Woodbrook Construction can be reached at their office: 0161 628 4258, or Brandon: 07734 387 151, Mick: 07734 387 151.

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