Latest Lydgate development plan refused after objections

THE LATEST attempt to build on land at Lydgate that has been at the centre of planning arguments has been thrown out again.

Simon Leigh applied to Oldham Council to construct one house at Stockport Road, close to St Anne’s Church and The White Hart pub and restaurant.

But even though that was reduced from three properties, which were refused then appealed – only to be refused again, the authority has decided to say no.

In its reasons for turning down the four-bedroomed proposal for six people, it states: “The proposed development constitutes inappropriate development in the Green Belt.

Land at Lydgate

“The proposed development by virtue of its height would cause harm to the local character of the area by detracting from the quality of the townscape or landscape.

“The proposed development by virtue of the size of the curtilage proposed would cause a significant impact upon the setting of the Lydgate Conservation Area and adjacent listed buildings.”

It adds: “The proposed development would not improve the economic, social and environmental conditions of the area and therefore does not comprise sustainable development.

“There were no solutions to the scheme, or conditions which could reasonably have been imposed to make the development acceptable.”

Documents supporting the scheme claimed any worries about the Green Belt do not apply, as this portion of the site is not in it.

They stated: “The site does not lie within Lydgate Conservation Area however the southern boundary of the site lies within close proximity to the conservation area boundary, which will be considered within the proposals.

“We will ensure the impact upon the conservation area is kept to a minimum by incorporating the most desirable and appropriate features of the conservation area into the development.

“The majority of the site lies within the Green Belt, which is the reason why the proposed development has been confined to the section of the land outside of the Green Belt.”

However, Oldham Council decided that was not enough as it continued: “The built development is confined to land outside the Green Belt, however the side garden lies within the Green Belt and no justification has been provided for this encroachment into the countryside.

“In addition to this, it has not been made clear why all the land is included within the red line.

“The Council’s view is that all the land in the red line is within the proposal. The red line was requested to be drawn around the developed area of the site but this request was declined by the Agent.

“The proposal as a whole due to the encroachment into the Green Belt and countryside represents inappropriate development in the Green Belt which would result in demonstrable harm to the fundamental aim and purposes of the Green Belt.”

News of then refusal is certain to go down well with the 30 objectors who registered their disapproval to Oldham Council over a variety of issues.

One stated: “Clearly the developers applying again to build on this iconic site in Lydgate are determined to put up a building at whatever cost. And what a cost this will be.
“There are several reasons why this should be refused, and it is very sad that people who purport to want to move into the village have so little regard for these issues.

“Yes, as some supporters say it is just one house, but it is one house in a position that would mar so many things.

“Residents in Lydgate have a sense of responsibility for their village. They feel they are custodians of it and should protect its history, its present and its future. Its thriving community group is testament to this. Our heritage should be celebrated and conserved.

“This seemingly small but very intrusive development will have a negative impact on the quality of life for people in Lydgate.”

Mr Leigh can, of course, appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, which can overturn Oldham Council’s decision.

2 Replies to “Latest Lydgate development plan refused after objections”

  1. This is a good result not just for Lydgate but for more widely for Oldham.

    These constant and unremitting encroachments into the Green Belt are extremely unwelcome and wholly inappropriate; there are hundreds of brown- field sites being left abandoned and neglected across the borough and in urgent need of investment and development.

    It seems there’s always money to develop property in the Green Belt which is supposed to protected against such incursions, but nowhere else ?

    I can think of half a dozen long derelict site in Saddleworth alone that would benefit from investment and development, (the old factory and the disused Church in Delph, for starters,) without there being any need to further encroach on protected land.

  2. If the applicant is reading this. Would you be willing to let me and several others use the land for motor cross and quad bike riding for out YouTube channel? Would be very interested if so.

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