Lease it to me! DMT offer all solutions to easy vehicle ownership

BUYING car can be expensive, time consuming and bewildering. But mainly expensive. 

Danny at his new office in Delph

There is an alternative, however, and it is only a phone call away. 

Better still the offer comes from a Saddleworth-based businessman steeped in the workings of the motor industry. 

Spend some time with Danny Chadderton or one of his team at DMT and you are guaranteed a whole new perspective on the merits and benefits of leasing instead of buying a new car. 

And if you are a fleet customer with more spending power then chatting to DMT Vehicle Leasing UK Ltd could be even more beneficial. 

DMT Leasing supply and lease all makes and models of UK sourced cars and vans including special car leasing deals from prestige marques such as Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes and Mini.

“It’s a no brainer,” smiled Danny when asked about the benefits of leasing as opposed to buying outright or purchasing vehicles through PCP arrangements. 

“We regularly receive massive discounts from manufacturers, specialist leasing funders and dealerships.  These discounts are passed on to the customer. 

“Most people are now familiar with the Dealership PCP model where you arrange a capital and interest loan on around half the purchase price with the outstanding balance to be paid or refinanced at the end of the agreed contract period. 

“In reality most people just hand back the keys or enter into yet another finance agreement with the same dealer.

Danny at his new office in Delph

“With Business or Personal Contract Hire (BCH, PCH) you are not taking out a loan or paying interest.  In this model depreciation and residual value are the key factors, as over the contract life your total payments roughly equate to the depreciation. 

“Interestingly as a result of this type of model some of the most sought-after marques can often be better value for money than mass markets models because of their low depreciation. So, don’t rule out that dream car and work to a budget.

“We can order your car, get it delivered to your door and then in two or three years’ time get it collected.

“VED (road tax) is included in the lease price and for a few pounds a week extra full maintenance option can be added.

“DMT has access to all of the top UK and International Finance and Leasing Funders, who all work on slightly different risk profiles.

“So, if your credit score is not quite as good as you would like one refusal doesn’t necessarily mean all will say no. We will search several providers to ensure you get the best deal.

“Business users have long been familiar with this approach because of the tax advantages leasing brings. 

“However, one of the recent big trends has been around company car drivers who have the option of cash in lieu of car. 

“This is because you have a greater choice of cars to choose from at lower cost than in-house suppliers and for personal taxation purposes benefit in kind tax is no longer applicable and you are no longer restricted to the model type due to emission rules. 

“In addition, VED (road tax) is included in the lease price and for a few pounds a week extra full maintenance option can be included too.

“So, take the hassle out of taking ownership of a new vehicle. DMT Vehicle Leasing provides a ‘One Stop Shop’ solution for sourcing and funding vehicles together with all after sales requirements including maintenance management, keeping clients informed every step of the way.” 

Visit their website, follow them on Twitter @DmtLeasing, Instagram dmt_vehicle_leasing or Facebook DMT Vehicle Leasing UK Ltd where they regularly post ‘Hot Offers’.

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