Lees supermarket to be redeveloped

A SUPERMARKET giant has been granted planning permission to redevelop a now empty store in Lees.

Aldi will extend the former Co-operative store and knock down the petrol station that stood alongside it.

And Oldham Council believes the new layout will provide a boost to the area.

Supermarket giants Aldi will be moving into the store at Lees. Photo by Saddleworth Independent

Permission was given in an executive decision notice and the authority said: “It is considered the proposal will bring an empty retail unit back into use, which will result in local facilities being brought into the area.

“As a result, there will also be the additional benefit of creating new jobs and ensuring vitality of this area of Lees.

“As such, it is considered that the land use is acceptable in principle.”

The former Co-op store in Lees. Photo by Saddleworth Independent

In their submission, Aldi highlighted the positives of making the store, on Athens Way, more than 1,900 square metres larger.

It stated: “The development proposals will provide local residents with a much-needed ‘main’ food shopping destination to replace the Co-op and retain the existing benefits this store brings to the district centre and wider area.

“It will reduce the need for residents to travel to meet their food shopping needs, whilst also enhancing competition within the wider food retail sector and consumer choice through the provision of a discount food offer that is not currently available within the Lees area.

“The proposed Aldi food store will function as part of the wider district centre, delivering a range of spin-off benefits, generating linked trips and footfall to other shops and services in Lees District Centre and supporting the overall vitality and viability of the centre during what remains a challenging period for the retail sector.

“Further, the scheme will offer the opportunity to notably improve the visual appearance of the site through the provision of an appropriately redesigned and upgraded food store that respects its residential / edge-of-centre context.”

Despite a largely positive response, Oldham Council did receive some concerns, including metal cladding will result in a noise nuisance with children playing football or kicking balls against it

The extra traffic joining High Street from Athens Way was also a worry.

However, approval was given with several conditions attached, including the new store will only be able to open from 8am until 10pm Monday-Saturday and 10am until 4pm on Sunday.

Deliveries are only allowed from 7am until 7pm Monday-Saturday and 9am until 6pm on Sundays.

11 Replies to “Lees supermarket to be redeveloped”

  1. It looks terrible at the minute The improvements will brighten the area just needs to hurry up not many shops around here sell the stuff that I use

  2. The area needs a revamp , lack of food stores in this area, looking forward to the new store and quality food.

  3. Could off kept petrol station not one now for a few miles away glad to see aldi in Lees better food choice and vheaper just hope it opens very soon should get a local tv star to open new store

  4. I sent Aldi a couple of emails telling them it was an ideal site for one of their outlets, they must have forgotten about that ????????

    1. Ian – I won’t use the one on St Johns Street as had issues with their fuel fowling my emissions system and causing error codes.

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