Legal action threatened over blocked Lees river

OWNERS of land that has seen a river in Lees blocked by tons of soil has been told to act or they will face legal action.

Thornley Brook, which despite the name is a major waterway running through the area, including Grotton and Springhead, has seen huge amounts of earth stopping its natural course.

Now Saddleworth West and Lees councillor Mark Kenyon has warned those whose land on which the site lies to get things sorted out, or the law may be enacted.

Councillor Mark Kenyon at the site in Lees

The Environment Agency has already seen the issue in a site visit.

And Cllr Kenyon said: “Thanks to the eagle eyes of a community already concerned about the Knowls Lane development further up the valley, this was reported to me on Boxing Day.

“I called the Environment Agency straight away and met them on site.

“The Environment Agency can see that someone has caused a real problem – there’s the blocked river and then there’s tonnes and tonnes of loose and unstable material ready to slip down into it to make the problem worse.

“The new owner has now said they’ll take this chance to make things right. I hope they do because legal enforcement is just around the corner.”

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