Lib Dems dominate Parish Council

THE LIBERAL Democrats were the undeniable winners of this year’s Saddleworth Parish Council election as they now have 13 representatives.

And after Max Woodvine lost out in Uppermill, Graham Sheldon is the remaining Conservative.

However, there is a chance their group may grow as two seats remain vacant, meaning someone may be co-opted on to the panel.

Saddleworth Parish Council sign in one of the villages

Only two wards – Springhead Lower and Uppermill – were contested this year as the number of candidates in the other four matched the number of seats available.

And Roger Blackmore’s result meant there is an even greater Lib Dem majority, with Saddleworth Parish Council consisting of 13 from that party, four Labour and one Tory.

The lack of elections, however, created a moment of history as Megan Birchall, who was returned for Delph, will become the first ever non-binary councillor.

In Springhead Lower, five Lib Dems were voted in ahead of Labour‘s Dave Barter.

And in Uppermill, the mew Cllr Blackmore ousted borough representative Cllr Woodvine – who previously represented Dobcross – by 461 votes to 389.

Many new faces will now sit on Saddleworth Parish Council after a number decided to either step down or not stand this year.


SPRINGHEAD LOWER WARD (top five elected)

Alicia Marland – 1,154

Sam Al-Hamdani – 1,095

Barbara Beeley – 1,015

Amy Wrigley – 959

Karen Barton – 794

Dave Barter – 295

UPPERMILL WARD (top two elected)

Graham Sheldon – 536

Roger Blackmore – 461

Max Woodvine – 389

Connor Green – 362

Elizabeth Adamson, Mavis Bingley, Megan Birchall, Helen Bishop, Kevin Dawson, Linda Dawson, Jeff Garner, Philip Gaul, Kathryn Phillips, Michael Powell and Peter Walsh were all returned uncontested, with two places remaining vacant.

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