Life on PIG ROW: Spring is upon us

SPRING IS upon us and we all will see evidence of this now in the fattening buds in the hedgerows and the weeds in our garden.

It is important to set yourself goals through the gardening year and there is no better way of doing that than sitting down with paper and a pencil to draw up a plan of what to sow and when.

It is easy at this time of year to buy seeds and never sow them; packets left in drawers or lost in old shoe boxes. Make it a goal to sow only what you need and have room for.

We gardeners have a tendency grow everything we can get our muddy hands on but a seed tray sown too thickly will suffer and die, and nursery plants bought on the spur of the moment will languish behind a shed.

At Pig Row we sit down each winter to decide what to grow. This year we have planned for a Dig For Victory garden to celebrate the grow your own movement, we are growing plants for a Bee Bank to highlight the decline of bees, butterflies and moths and we are running a Sweet Pea trial to celebrate a garden favourite that so many of us never sow for ourselves.

Every gardener should plan their plot and sow seed. It’s not just about good design; it’s about planning ahead and making sure that your plants get the best start.

If you sow seeds you will sow varieties that you can’t get in the shop, this year we’re sowing Fat Lazy Blonde lettuce (Thomas Etty Esq. Now, imagine asking for a Fat Lazy Blonde in the supermarket and not getting slapped across the face…

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