Life on the farm: Helen Taylor gets ready for winter at Oxhey Western Trail Rides

Helen Taylor, at Oxhey Western Trail Rides based in Denshaw, talks about life on the farm as they get ready for winter.

AS THE weather is changing we are getting ready for winter here on the farm.12021828_10207955538669546_432028227_n

Hay and straw has to be ordered and stacked. Horse rugs cleaned and reproofed and stables checked as October is when all things change up here.

We are also putting two of our rescue donkeys up for fostering but they must stay together. So if you have a field with a shelter and fancy two donkeys to pet get in touch. But they shall always stay in our care and not be sold.

We also have a couple of llamas off to a new foster home for the winter as they are only young so are going to be petted by a family in Slaithwaite.

The working donkeys will have one last big event at Slaithwaite Country fair on 19 September then they are putting their hooves up until Christmas as Bobby the donkey has several festive appearances.

If you know of any event where the donkeys may attend please get in touch as all the funds go towards looking after them for the winter.

Helen talking to her sheep

The mules are all doing well and Napoleon is still jumping the fences – but he comes back after 20 minutes nibbling! Nelson his half-brother has filled out more now and settled down into the herd and is ready for me to progress with his training.

We are still busy with the riding and our horses are so well trained. We have customers who come from outside the area just to ride around our beautiful Saddleworth countryside.

Most of our customers are coming back into riding after 10 or 20 years out of the saddle… Is this you? Come on, have a go and join one of our rides.

Finally, our Kerry Hill sheep have come back up to the farm after grazing land further away.

Then what happens… My daughter takes a photo of me sat talking to the sheep after I fed them and put it on Facebook with the caption: “If anyone spots this crazy lady in a field talking to sheep then it’s my mother. Please return her to Higher Oxhey Farm.”

Don’t we just love our children and Facebook!

Find out more about Oxhey Western Trail Rides on their website: or Facebook. You can also call Helen on: 01457 810186 or 07715 914096.


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