Life on the farm: Oh no, not another mule!

Helen Taylor, owner at Oxhey Western Trail Rides based in Denshaw, welcomes another unique addition to her farm as she enjoys a busy summer with her animals around Saddleworth.

Helen with Nelson the mule

THIS SUNNY weather has been good for us and the equines have liked not having their rugs on so they can enjoy the sun.

The downside is the ponds have dried up so we have to carry water to the fields – but the mules love pawing the water and making it splash!

Yes I did say MULES as we have a new mule that has arrived to join Napoleon. As you’re getting to know me, you know they are like chocolates to me. If you have one or two then you may as well have another and make it three.

Ok, before you say I’m mad I could not say no when I was contacted and asked if I would like another mule as it is Napoleon’s half-brother Nelson who is three years old and stands at 15hh – so that’s how I talked myself into it.

SETTLING IN: Nelson and Napoleon

Meanwhile, the donkeys have been busy out giving rides at events recently and the Saddleworth Show was a great day where we also took the llama, chickens and Toni the turkey and his wife.

We also took our Toulouse geese for something different but Mrs Goose kept escaping so kept our helpers busy!

Now, we are getting ready for the children being off school and are offering kids’ Pony Days as we love sharing our animals and teaching the children how to care for and handle them.

So as well as the good tasks of brushing, riding, stable management we also show how to do the mucking out as this is the reality of life with horses!

Visit our website or Facebook if you would like to book onto one of the Pony Days.

The last thought I would like to leave you with is this: last month our turkeys Mrs Toni laid some eggs and Mr Toni sat on them for over a week helping to hatch them. I have never known a male turkey to do this… have you?

Find out more about Helen and her animals and eventdon her website or Facebook page. You can also call her on 01457 810186 or 07715 914096.


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