Lifeboat experience proves eye opener for College students

A LEES teenager was buoyant with enthusiasm after spending a day with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

UPS students from Hopwood Hall College visit RNLI Blackpool

Annalise Steward, 17, was among a group of youngsters from Hopwood Hall College who visited the RNLI Blackpool Lifeboat Station.

They were all Uniformed Public Services students who have aspirations of one day serving their country in the police, fire or military services.

And they accepted an invitation to meet face to face with the people who serve the RNLI on a voluntary basis.

The Blackpool team gave students a tour of their facilities, as well as the equipment and techniques they use to save lives on a daily basis. 

This included tours of the lifeboat fleet and a real life role play of the RNLI Blackpool team saving a member of the public from drowning.

“It was an eye opening experience to see and hear how much the volunteers give the RNLI and how important it is to the country that they do” said Level 3 UPS student, Annalise.

“The Blackpool staff were really good teachers for the day. 

“They definitely made me realise that although we have statutory services like the military, HM coastguard and fire service, we still rely heavily on the goodwill and hard work of volunteers to help keep us all safe.”


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