Lines handed out to drivers for “irresponsibly” parked cars

IRRESPONSIBLE drivers have led to a Saddleworth village becoming the latest to see the introduction of new parking restrictions.

Double yellow lines have been painted on a section of Ward Lane in Diggle in a move to curb dangerous parking.

If the implementation by Oldham Council’s highways department proves successful a proposal will be progressed to make them permanent.

Cllr Barbara Brownridge, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Parking said: “In recent weeks a number of drivers have been parking irresponsibly in the area of Ward Lane.

“These actions have obstructed residents from walking along the side of the road safely and have obstructed vehicle access for residents.

“Not only has this left residents having to walk alongside oncoming traffic in the middle of the road, they have also been unable to socially distance. This combined creates a great danger to their health and safety.

“As a result, we have introduced emergency parking restrictions on Ward Lane in the form of double yellow lines to prevent this from happening again.

“I would like to take this opportunity to remind residents to park responsibly and to respect the parking restrictions in place when you’re out on your travels.”

Last month ‘double yellows’ were painted on the A635 Holmfirth Road in greenfield as well as Hollins Lane and Tunstead Lane due to problems caused by thousands of vehicles heading to Dovestone Reservoir.

3 Replies to “Lines handed out to drivers for “irresponsibly” parked cars”

  1. Please keep the lines permanent in Ward Lane. Unfortunately although Grandpa Greenes has a car park people are still parking along Ward Lane, and sometimes obstructing the pathway into the canal towpath. This is especially difficult for anyone with a pushchair and again people have to walk on the road to get around these cars.

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