Little Eva’s inspirational efforts recognised with Mayoral award

A SPRINGHEAD youngster, inspired by the fundraising efforts of Captain Tom Moore, has received civic recognition for her own outstanding contribution to charity and the community.

Eva Hewitt raised more than £1,700 for NHS charities during lockdown last year by running the marathon distance of 26.2 miles over a two-week period.

Since then, the Knowsley Primary School pupil, now eight, has set a shining example by litter picking around her local area.

Now, Eva’s achievements have been recognised with an appreciation award from the outgoing Mayor of Oldham, Councillor Ginny Alexander.

Eva with her family

Eva originally set out to raise £250 and went out running on a nightly basis with her dad Ryan, who works at Robert Scott’s in Greenfield, completing around three miles at a time.

Mum Heather told the Independent at the time: “It’s not something Eva normally does so it was a challenge. But she has enjoyed it and found it easier as she has gone on.”

Eva was spurred on by younger brother Frank, who wore a range of fancy dress costumes, with other family and friends waving her on as she ran past. Eva fittingly crossed her finishing line dressed as an NHS hero.

More recently, Eva has kitted herself out with gloves, bin bag and litter picker collecting any rubbish she finds on country lanes or pavements near her Springhead home.

Cllr Alexander said: “Like many, Eva is disappointed and concerned by the amount of rubbish she sees in her local area and she has decided to do something about it.

“So, while out walking the dog Defor with her dad, she picks up and disposes of the litter she sees near home.

“It is such a shame that it’s a job that even has to be done at all. Why can’t everyone just put litter in a nearby bin or take it home with them.

“Well done Eva! Your family couldn’t be prouder of you. As am I.

“I would like to join everyone in saying a huge thank you for raising that amazing amount of money for the NHS and for helping your local community. You should be very proud of yourself.”

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