Lost hikers rescued on Saddleworth Moor

HIKERS who became lost on Saddleworth Moor while attempting the Trinnacle Trail have been rescued by Oldham Mountain Rescue Team.

The trio got into difficulty on Tuesday, December 20 as they found themselves in a ‘precarious position’ in the dark.

However, they were guided to safety after 15 members of OMRT located them following a call for assistance from Greater Manchester Police.

Now they are warning walkers to be fully prepared if they are heading out on a hike after being out for two hours and 20 minutes, especially with the early dusk.

OMRT leader Rob Tortoishell said: “GMP were able to establish the hikers’ general location as Middle Edge Moss, so we sent a fast party in that direction while the rest of the team assembled in case a wider search was needed.

“The three casualties were found shortly afterwards as they had spotted our lights heading up the clough and had starting moving in our direction, although this had put them in a precarious position above a steep section of the banking.

“After a quick check established that they were cold but uninjured, we gave them clothing and torches before guiding them back down Birchen Clough to our vehicles, then to base for a more thorough check and a warming brew.

“We would remind anyone considering heading out into the hills they should always carry some basic kit, including a map and compass (with knowledge to use them), a torch, a charged phone, food, drink and warm clothing/waterproofs.

“In addition, they should tell someone where they are going, along with setting off in plenty of time to do the intended route.

“If you do get into difficulty, you should dial 999 and ask for police, then mountain rescue. You should stay where you are so search parties can locate you more easily.”


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  1. Once again this is that old adage that; you can make something foolproof but you can’t make it damn fool proof ?

    I don’t entirely understand the recent spate of, “emergencies,” and particularly those in Chew Valley, I’m 66 and I’ve been up and down and all over those those hills man and boy since long before there were mobile phones without ever getting into serious trouble; but then until quite recently hardly anyone ever did.

    I almost think they just want someone to talk to ?

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