Marsden Moor fire ‘started by people’

THE effects of a moorland fire can be seen as a large area has been left scorched.

Smoke can still be seen coming from the ground on Marsden Moor, above Saddleworth, after the blaze broke out yesterday between Brun Clough and Redbrook Reservoirs.

National Trust rangers are at the scene, along with both Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services as they continue to put out ‘hot spots’.
Smoke over the Chew Valley captured from Pots and Pans by Louis Freer

Countryside Manager for the National Trust, Craig Best, said: “It’s so frustrating to see yet another fire on our moors after all the hard work our team have put in to try and restore the landscape after last time.”

“Unfortunately, this was another fire started by people, and could have so easily been avoided.”

Emergency services were called to the scene just before 7pm on Sunday, April 25.

At the height of the blaze, crews consisted of 10 pumps and 2 Wildfire Units with a fire with a one mile flame front. Crews are using blowers and beaters”

The A62 has since reopened to traffic however Mount Road is closed.

4 Replies to “Marsden Moor fire ‘started by people’”

  1. More rangers, more police to patrol and hefty fines when caught starting fires especially in dry weather, these irresponsible people will never stop

  2. Maybe cameras on the Moors with face recognition and speakers to warn people not to have BBQ or cigarettes

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