Martin’s Blue Ribbon song hits right note

A SONG inspired by a bright blue ribbon found on Greenfield hills is helping raise funds to provide accommodation for Homeless Veterans.

INSPIRED: Martin on the moors
INSPIRED: Martin on the moors

Martin Stimson and his son were walking on Alphin Pike with friends when they found the ribbon in the heather, which was from a balloon released in Newcastle in memory of a fallen solider.

On one end was a fragment of the balloon and the other a picture of a 19-year-old soldier and an inscription ‘in memory of Private Robert Foster, killed by ‘friendly fire’ in Afghanistan.

The group contacted Robert’s parents, who travelled from London to place a monument at the spot and release another balloon.

Touched by the tragic loss, Martin penned ‘The Blue Ribbon’, which he performed in a pub for Robert’s parents and posted on Youtube with a video produced by friend Phil Melia.

With hits across the world, the video had reached 1111 views on November 11, and has been played on a number of radio channels.

And Martin recently performed the song at a Help 4 Homeless Veterans gala, and agreed the charity could produce and sell a video to raise funds for accommodation for homeless veterans.

He said: “The whole idea of the song and video is to raise awareness of the very personal tragedies that befall young soldiers and their families.”

Kevin Hartley, gala organiser, added: “Martin held the packed audience in breathless silence when he sang. The video was shown on a large screen which added huge visual impact and resulted in resounding applause.

“The song struck the right note for the audience, many of whom have served in Afghanistan and other active service theatres.”

To purchase a DVD copy of Martin’s performance (£4.75 inc p&p in aid of the veterans) ring 01457 831140. You can also watch Martin’s video on Youtube.

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