Mayor and Mayoress hoping for healthy new year after recovering from falls

THE MAYOR and Mayoress of Oldham are certainly hoping for a healthy and happy New Year after both suffered serious falls just before Christmas.

The Mayor and Mayoress, Derek and Di Heffernan

The Mayor, Cllr Derek Heffernan, fell near the junction of Huddersfield Road and Heywood Avenue in Austerlands one evening in early November.

The 77-year-old suffered a broken collar bone as well as cuts and bruising to his face, head, arm and legs.

Luckily, he was spotted by County Cars taxi driver Martin Jones who asked if he could take him to hospital but ended up taking him home as Cllr Heffernan requested.

After a short period of treatment and rest, Cllr Heffernan was straight back into public service, attending Remembrance services as well as the opening of Saddleworth Museum with his arm in a sling.

The couple were looking forward to a much-needed holiday in Tenerife in December for Cllr Heffernan to recoup and his wife Di to rest after a busy year of Mayoral duties.

But just two days into their seven-day visit Di, 81, was also receiving hospital treatment after slipping on her way to the bathroom in the early hours and breaking her left hip.

She was taken to a local hospital where she underwent a six-hour operation to fit a metal pin to secure her hip, meaning their stay was extended to 15 days for her to be fit to fly.

On returning she received further medical treatment at the Royal Oldham Hospital where she remains for the time being.

Son Andy said: “Di is progressing, she has had the staples removed and is up and out of bed and in a chair and is starting to put weight on her leg again.”

Since becoming Mayor and Mayoress, the couple have raised thousands of charities and attended a long list of engagements and appointments across the town.

Di said: “We are both absolutely loving every minute of our roles. It has been a long wait but we totally love the job.”


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