Mayor of Oldham cancels all engagements during coronavirus outbreak

THE community-spirited Mayor of Oldham, Cllr Ginny Alexander, has taken the ‘heart-wrenching decision’ to postpone every engagement for the foreseeable future because of the coronavirus outbreak.

She explained: “I recently made a statement via my Mayor of Oldham Facebook page detailing all of last week’s engagements would be postponed.

“I informed you all that these decisions were not taken lightly but were necessary under the Government advice of social distancing.

Mayor of Oldham Cllr Ginny Alexander and Youth Mayor Samah Khalil


“I now regret to inform you due to the growth of COVID-19 cases and the severity of this pandemic, we have taken the heart-wrenching decision to postpone every engagement for the foreseeable future, putting every aspect of my duties on hold. This is necessary to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“My heart especially breaks for my chosen charities who will suffer as they will not receive the amount they may have expected due to the cancellation of fundraising events.

“I can only apologise to these amazing organisations and pledge my full support to them for the future. I hope that once this pandemic blows over I am able to assist you all further.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported my mayoral appeal fundraising events in the past. Your support means more then you’ll ever know.

“It really is essential that we as a collective public comply with the Governments orders to stay at home.

“During these trying times we must ensure to protect each other in the only way we can – by staying apart.”

And she added resolutely: “Although I will no longer be serving the community in my chains, I hope to help others during this difficult time wherever possible.

“I really do care about every single one of you, so please stay safe for yourselves and those around you.

“We can and will beat this pandemic, but only by working together and staying apart.”

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