Men can get Slimmin’ Without Women at the Satellite Centre

GET slim and fit at free sessions ‘run for men, by men’ at the Satellite Centre in Greenfield.

Led by Slimmin Without Women’s founder Phil Brooke, these sessions were trialed successfully by Age UK Oldham around two years ago as a weight-loss course for men, designed to improve their health and well-being.

Peter Raffle, left, one of the Slimmin’ without women’s early participants who lost 6lbs in the first week, with Phil Brooke, founder and leader of the sessions

It quickly became clear that participants responded well to a bespoke programme directly targeted for men of age groups who want to improve their health by becoming more active and losing weight.

“As it has proved successful in other parts of the borough, we thought we’d give it a go as part of our Body Mind and Well-being programme,” said Jacqui Greenfield, a trustee at the Satellite Centre.

With 67 per cent of men in the area considered by the NHS is to be overweight or obese, there’s most certainly an urgent need to tackle this problem.

After his own weight loss, Phil is ideally placed to front this 10-week programme, held at the Satellite Centre on Wellington Road on Fridays at 4pm-6pm.

“I was grossly overweight as a young man, which badly affected my confidence and self-esteem,” he said.

Each weekly session will offer participants a chance to check their weight, share tips with each other, learn how to achieve sustainable weight loss and participate in a fitness programme.

Based on the NHS Choices weight-loss programme, discussion topics will include: calorie balance, portion sizes, healthy cooking, food labels, getting active, food cravings and changing habits.

This is an ideal solution for men who want to become more active and lose weight, but don’t want to go to a mainstream slimming club or join a gym.

Slimmin’ Without Women can also help men develop a healthier lifestyle based on making informed diet and activity choices.

Participants will get help in understanding and dealing with health conditions including diabetes and obesity, cancer, heart conditions, mental well-being, and dementia.

Each session will end with an optional hour of boot camp exercise.

For further information, call Phil on 07919 917612.

One-to-one counselling support sessions continue to be provided by Tameside, Oldham and Glossop Mind on Thursday mornings at the Satellite.

If you’d like to talk through issues and emotional problems with a counsellor call Jane Bevan to book an appointment on 07432 793612 or email:

For all booking enquiries at the Satellite, call Jane Pickering on 07895 446619.

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