MioCare making sure no feels alone this Christmas

Oldham Council staff and councillors are helping social care provider MioCare to contact thousands of vulnerable and elderly people to make sure they are safe and well ahead of Christmas.

Cllr Zahid Chauhan, Cllr Ginny Alexander, and Cllr Jenny Harrison

MioCare, which is responsible for delivering social care in Oldham, calls its helpline and response customers in the run up to the festive period every year.

The annual ring round started on Wednesday, December 20 and continues until Christmas Day.

It will see various teams from MioCare calling vulnerable and older people who may not receive any other services or support.

This year the teams were again joined by Oldham councillors and council staff, including Cllr Jenny Harrison, Cabinet Member for Social Care and Safeguarding and Cllr Zahid Chauhan, Chair of the MioCare Group board.

Callers are speaking to residents to make sure they’re prepared for the festive period – for instance checking that their heating is working and that they have enough food and medicine.

It’s also a chance to reassure residents that they’re not alone over Christmas, and that the Helpline and Response line will remain open for 24 hours a day in case of emergencies.

Cllr Harrison said: “It’s a tough time of year for our elderly residents, who may not be able to leave their home as it gets darker earlier or when it’s icy and cold. Loneliness is also a huge risk to people’s wellbeing.

Oldham Council councillors and MioCare staff

“The ring round is a great way for us to do #ourbit and to make sure that residents with limited mobility don’t feel abandoned. A simple phone call can make all the difference to make sure they’ve got enough to eat or that their home is warm enough.

“We’re also urging you to do #yourbit and help out elderly and vulnerable neighbours and friends – perhaps by making sure their bins are out on icy mornings, or simply popping over for a cup of tea – a friendly face will be most welcome.

“The #result is that no one feels alone this Christmas.”

MioCare (Made in Oldham) is an independent business which is owned by Oldham Council.

Any surplus that is generated from the company is reinvested into ensuring that high quality social care is delivered in Oldham.

To contact MioCare’s 24-hour Response Service please call 0161 770 5189.


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