Mum creates unique gallery with pictures of her children every day

By Lily Chick

A DIGGLE mum has built up an incredible album of 1,180 pictures and counting after setting herself a unique challenge to photograph her children every single day of their lives.

Mum-of-two Bev Ridyard started her ‘mum story’ on January 2, 2014 at her twelve-week scan of her first baby when she decided she would take a photo a day from then on.

Bev with her two children

And she is keen to inspire others to follow in her footsteps and take ‘ordinary’ photos to record the precious lives of their children.

Bev said: “In reality being a mum isn’t always plain sailing but that isn’t a reason not to photograph life.

“It saddens me that on social media, the selfie obsession is firmly rooted at both ends of the spectrum. It’s either the ‘being a Mum is hard’ or the ‘look at my baby beautifully swaddled up, lying peacefully like an angel’.

“Where are the in between photos, the everyday moments which illustrate beautifully and authentically the story of life as a mum?”

Bev swapped her job as Head of Marketing at the Manchester Airport Group to fulfil her ten-year dream of running her own photography business, named ‘Inspired by Joseph’ after her eldest child.

She added: “I want to empower mothers to take personal responsibility for realising the benefits of being in more photos with their children.

“It bugs me that most mums don’t get in enough photos and I am on a mission to stop this.

“If we spent one less minute using our phones for other purposes to instead take just one photo, surely we can all manage that?

“My passion is to experience, share and record happiness with other people through the art of photography.

“It’s more than just taking photos, you must showcase them to the world.

“Part of Inspired By Joseph Photography’s destiny is to inspire mothers to be better photographers too. We can all do it, you don’t need to be a photographer!”

Find out more about Bev’s photography on her website:


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