My Mum Story: 1,500 photos captured daily to document family life

A Diggle mum has put together a family album to be envied after taking one photograph each day for the past 1,500 days.

Since her exhilarating, life-changing moment of a twelve-week scan for her first born, Joseph, Bev Ridyard has documented her family’s life through a camera lens.

What started as a bit of fun to record her pregnancy ultimately led to a total change in lifestyle for the now mum of two.

“I had so much fun photographing this chapter of my life that it ended up becoming part of our family culture,” explained Bev.

“Once Joseph arrived, my world changed even more than I had imagined and life just took on a new meaning.

“It was Joseph who inspired me to leave my career as Head of Airline Marketing at Manchester Airport and follow my new dream to become a photographer.

“‘Inspired by Joseph’ was born and I have never been happier or more fulfilled in my life!”

Every day, Bev captures a memory, which can be something as mundane as the chaos of meal times to an important new milestone.

It has also given Bev the opportunity to document new traditions that now form a part of her family culture.

“Being a Mum isn’t always plain sailing but that isn’t a reason not to photograph it,” said Bev. “It’s really easy to let life pass you but the best part about memories is making them.”

As well as photographing families, Bev works hard to empower mothers to take responsibility for realising the benefits of being in more photos with their children.

“It bugs me that most mums don’t get in enough photos and I am on a mission to stop this,” she added. “And it shouldn’t be up to dads to take the photos either!

“I understand it when we say we don’t have time but if we spent one less minute using our phone to instead take just one photo, surely we can all manage that?”

Bev, who describes herself as the helpful photographer for families who want to preserve memories before they fade, hit her milestone of 1,500 pictures on June 20, 2018.

To help mums (in particular) get in photos, Bev runs a challenge on Instagram called #my18in18 and asks mums to get in 18 photos in 2018 so they have some photos of themselves to look back on. Get involved here.

For more information abouty Bev’s photography, visit her website.



FOR a second year running, Bev is inviting children and their parents to get involved in her free, six-week photo challenge to help battle the boredom this summer holidays.

Each Monday a theme will be provided for children to interpret. Parents then simply need to reply to the email with their child’s best photograph.  

At the end of the six weeks, one winner will receive a complimentary photo session and personal tips from Inspired By Joseph Photography, which is run by Bev.

For more information and to sign up, visit her Facebook page.


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