New book brings Edwardian Saddleworth to life

BROTHERS Michael and Peter Fox have produced a limited-edition book of old Saddleworth photograph, some never previously published.

Their latest offering focuses on a short but memorable time in local history and is entitled ‘Through an Edwardian Camera – a Portrait of Saddleworth 1900-1910’.

It was an era when King Edward VII occupied the throne and while more than 100 years ago, it remains one of the most photographed thanks to the humble picture postcard.

Peter, curator of Saddleworth Museum, explained: “Used in the early 1900s in much the same way messages are now passed by social media, the immense quantity of postcards sent produced a similarly huge demand for photographs to illustrate them.

“Several photographers, both professional and amateur, who sought to satisfy this demand in Saddleworth, left us a rich legacy of images of its buildings, landscape and people as they were around 120 years ago.”

The Smithy – Navvies at construction Chew Reservoir. Although posed, this photograph gives some impression of the heavy nature of the work at Chew. At the peak, around 550 navvies were active there
Whitsuntide at Woods Lane, Dobcross

By drawing on the best of the ‘Old Saddleworth’ photographic archive, contained within the authors’ collection they have portrayed something of the allure and fascination of Saddleworth during the Edwardian age.

The book is exclusively available from the Saddleworth Museum shop which is open daily from 1pm-4pm. It is also available online costing £10 and just 500 copies available it is guaranteed to sell out like their previous publications.

Local children line up for a portrait recording the 50th anniversary of Uppermill Co-operative Society at there Dobcross Branch on Woods Lane
 The end of the Edwardian era with the proclamation of King George V at Delph in May 1910

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