New home décor boutique settles in on Uppermill High Street

UPPERMILL real estate is attracting all manner of new businesses to the local high street, with Feather My Nest the latest addition to the village’s quirky boutiques.

Specialising in affordable home decor and unique gifts, the idea to venture out on her own first struck owner Zea Grantham, pictured right, two years ago.

She said: “I’ve always been interested in home décor, I live and breathe it, but when I first had the idea, I didn’t immediately strike out to start a business.

Feather My Nest: Zea Grantham

“I had just lost my young son at the time and it was very close to Christmas, and I wanted to do something to get me through the festive period without him.

“So, I started making Christmas decorations. I was only doing it from home and it was only to see us through Christmas without having the big celebration.

“That’s actually where the name Feather My Nest came from, because the decorations were predominantly angles, wings and feathers.

“I put it to bed not long after that, but the idea stuck in my mind and with lockdown and the new shop becoming available just recently, I felt it needed to go for it.”

Mum-of-seven Zea has had the support of husband John in launching Feather My Nest, which opened its doors upstairs at 42 High Street less than two months ago.

But it’s a completely different kettle of fish to what she is used to and says that while it has been a risk, dipping her toe into the retail sector, she hopes the gamble will pay off.

She said: “Before I had my children, I used to work in early years education, and then I became a stay-at-home mum so this is something that is very new to me but that I’m passionate about.

“John has been amazing in all the help and guidance he’s given me. He’s a businessman who owns Home Estate Agents and he had built his business up over the years.

“He knew this is something I wanted to do and to have him on my side and to have his support has really given me the confidence to jump right in.

“We’ve only been open a few weeks, but business has started to pick up. I’m just hoping that as time goes on more people will know where we are and want to pop in.

“It has been a whirlwind, without a doubt, but everybody I’ve met so far have been wonderful and I am hopeful that, with hard work and determination, I can make this work.”

• To browse their range of unique and quirky gifts, visit Feather My Nest upstairs at
42 High Street, Uppermill, OL3 6HA, call 07809 433612 or find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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