New podcast helps ease Creative Block

WRITER’S block might be a problem from time to time for those in the creative industries – but one videographer and filmmaker from Greenfield has an idea to help.

Calum Knight has teamed up with Amy Williams, a writer and poet who lives in Grotton, to launch The Creative Block and help local creative individuals and businesses.

He explained: “The Creative Block podcast was born as it occurred to me that I was having the same conversations with a lot of freelancers in the creative industries.

“Whether it was being paid late, not being paid enough, limitations of equipment or location, as well as big success stories and how that helped their career or business progress.

“So me and Amy decided to launch a podcast all about that.”

The pair produce a weekly podcast and are on the lookout for local content creators and business owners as guests to share their stories and help put Saddleworth on the map as a creative hub.

Calum added: “Creative Block is a podcast made by creatives, for creatives. Being a creative isn’t always as exciting and adventurous as it sounds, it can often be a hard slog, especially in the current climate.

Calum Knight

“What happens when you hit a rough patch or are lacking in motivation and ideas when there’s a deadline looming? This podcast covers all that with real life stories and expert advice.

“I’ve grown up in Saddleworth and want to celebrate how far the area has come and how much it has grown within my lifetime, with lots of great and innovative businesses in the area.”

You can download and listen to The Creative Block on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Youtube and Google Podcasts:

If you’re interested in getting involved, contact BeeYou Creations on Facebook or Instagram.

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