New Youth Mayor of Oldham takes chains of office

MAROUF AHMED has been sworn in as the Youth Mayor of Oldham.

Marouf, the eighth Youth Mayor of Oldham, lives in Coppice with his parents and siblings.


He went to school at Hathershaw College and went on to study at The Oldham Sixth Form College. He is currently a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Liverpool.

Marouf joined the Oldham Youth Council four years ago and has also served as the Member of Youth Parliament for Oldham.

During his time as a Youth Councillor Marouf has taken on a number of roles and opportunities to represent Oldham’s young people locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Away from the Youth Council, Marouf is a football coach for Coppice Rangers and enjoys sharing his love of football with children in the local area.

Marouf said: “It is with great honour to have been chosen to be Youth Mayor of Oldham.

“I would never have thought I would get this role when I joined the Youth Council many years ago but I did not give up, I was determined and it all paid off.

“I hope to be a good role model for the young people of Oldham, especially to those in the BME communities.

“I am very passionate about Oldham and I hope this journey of meeting new communities and exploring the wider areas will add to that.”

Former Oldham Youth Mayor T Jay Turner, the new Oldham Youth Mayor Marouf Ahmed and Oldham Council Chief Executive Carolyn Wilkins OBE

Marouf will take over the role of Oldham Youth Mayor from T Jay Turner.

T Jay said: “Being Youth Mayor has been an amazing opportunity and I have felt honoured to represent the young people of Oldham for the past year.

“It has given me the opportunity to meet so many of Oldham’s wonderful community groups and to see the great work that happens across our wonderful town.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside the former Mayor Councillor Derek Heffernan and his wife.

“I would like to wish Marouf the best of luck in his year as Oldham’s Youth Mayor, I am sure he will have an amazing time and will be a credit to Oldham.”

The Youth Mayor Making ceremony took place at the Council Chambers on Wednesday 28 June 2017.

Councillor Jean Stretton, Leader of Oldham Council, said: “It is crucial that young people have their voices heard and in Oldham we are committed to this.

“I’m looking forward to working with Marouf and I’m sure he will do Oldham and our young people proud.”

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