No shortage of quality at Greenfield grocery shop Weaver and Wilde

LISTEN to the radio and watch the TV and you may think the country is running out of fruit and veg. 

Shelves are bare, with no tomatoes available, and supermarket chains Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Asda have imposed limits on the number of certain items customers can buy.

But while some people panic at the thought of not being able to make tomato soup or dice a pepper, look a bit deeper and the issues are nowhere near as bad.

For businesses specialising in Class One products are having no such supply problems.

Cal Rowson-Codd at Weaver and Wilde in Greenfield. Image by GGC Media LTD

Cal Rowson-Codd co-runs Weaver and Wilde Groceries and Provisions in Greenfield and has found that while crops can are smaller, they can still be sourced.

And if anything, the reports about the chains have sent people more local.

He said: “It depends what you call a shortage really. If a shortage is really heavy, adverse weather in Europe, especially Spain, because of global warming, that’s never going to change now.

“The crops that are grown outdoors are ploughed in the field, the rest are glass grown. The Spanish crops have gone up in price by between 30 and 60 per cent, 70 per cent in some lines.

“Produce grows in different parts of the world at different times of the year and when it’s at it’s best, it’s at its best.

“For me, you get South African cherries and Indian mangoes for a couple of weeks a year – they’re the best in the world.

“Yorkshire rhubarb from the Rhubarb Triangle. We know it’s more expensive but it’s such an amazing product, why wouldn’t you have it?

“And because we only buy A1 Class One produce, and we’re one of the few people in Saddleworth that do, people understand the quality.

“That is still coming over in plentiful supply. I think some larger retailers – it’s widely publicised – aren’t prepared to pay the cost of producing the product, they’re not paying the increase.

“But it’s a great example of ‘support local shops and suppliers as we can still get the best produce.’ If you rely on supermarket chains, they’re going to but based on cost.

“It’s cost over quality, whereas we’re about quality over cost – and the support from the village and then wider area has been phenomenal.”

As well as fruit and veg, Weaver and Wilde also gets a daily supply of fresh bread, fresh fish in Fridays and quality dairy products.

And if they are not from local firms, they make sure they are certified, so they know they are both quality and ethical.

Surrounded by some of the products limited by supermarkets, Cal, whose Chew Valley Road business has been about nine months and their veg box line is really taking off.

As well as a base, they change with the seasons and ingredients can alter with size – but Cal guaranteed: “We always get best quality and best price.”

He added: “The reception from the village has been great and even the doorstep drops we do, bespoke orders, is taking off.

“We deliver out to Holmfirth now and we row in a curveball or two – so people can be like, ‘I’ve never cooked with fennel. Why’s my cauliflower purple?’

“People who use supermarkets will always get the basics. They go, ‘I need some cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes.’ They buy them week in, week out and that’s what they cook with. We’ll push the boundaries.

“And when available, we always use local and British crops.

*IF YOU would like a veg box from Weaver and Wilde, email or visit the shop at 64, Chew Valley Road, Greenfield.

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  1. I believe that big name retailers such as morrisons tesco aldi and lidl are massage their profits by extolling the age old laws of supply and demand. Normally they buy cheaply from the growers and sell at a reasonable profit. But have realised that with only higher quality produce available the can inflate prices on what ther do obtain. My proof is a 90p cucumber has been on the shelf at 1.99.

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