Oldham Council supports national Carers Rights Day

OLDHAM COUNCIL is supporting a UK-wide initiative to help local carers know their rights and find out how to get the support they are entitled to.

carers-rights-dayCarers Rights Day is an annual event and this year the initiative takes place on Friday 25 November with the theme ‘Missing out? Know your rights as a carer’.

The national event will bring organisations across the UK together to increase the take-up of benefits carers are entitled to and to raise awareness of their needs.

Oldham Carers Services will be holding an event from 12-2pm at The Link Centre, Union Street, Oldham.

This will be an opportunity for carers to find out about available information, advice and support and meet other Carers and staff.

There will also be a chance to arrange an appointment for a Carers Assessment if needed.

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided and carers can even take part in pamper or Reiki sessions. This is subject to availability.

You can also observe a demonstration of healthy and tasty cooking with the chance to sign up to a four-week course.

Cllr Jenny Harrison, Cabinet Member for Social Care and Safeguarding, said: “Carers are people who dedicate their lives to helping others so it is our duty to ensure they know exactly what they are entitled to.

“Without carers, so many in Oldham – and throughout the world – would not be able to live the lives they live.

“Being a carer comes with huge responsibility and sacrifice. Many people give up their careers and enjoyable aspects of their lives to look after someone in need.

“Carers might need anything from financial support to help in managing the impact caring has on their health and relationships.

“If you care for someone and are unsure of your rights please come along so we can help you access the support you deserve.”

For further information please contact Oldham Carers Services by email Carers.centre@oldham.gov.uk or call 0161 770 1188.

Find out more about Carers Rights Day on their website.


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