Oldham’s youth to have a say in annual Make Your Mark ballot

Oldham Youth Council, as a member organization the UK Youth Parliament, is taking part in the annual Make Your Mark ballot, the largest consultation of young people in the country.

uk-youth-parliamentIn a ballot which began on August 12 – running until October 5 – young people across the country will be asked what issues matter most to them.

This will help to determine what is debated by the UK Youth Parliament in the House of Commons on November 11.

Voting takes place both online and through ballot papers issued in schools and youth centres.

Ten topics will be available to choose from on the initial Make Your Mark ballot paper, with the five most popular going on to be discussed by Members of Youth Parliament in their November debate.

The debate will be chaired by the Speaker of the House of Commons Rt. Hon. John Bercow MP and broadcast live on BBC Parliament.

Last year the Make Your Mark ballot surveyed the opinions of over 970,000 young people, making it the largest youth consultation of its kind in the UK.

This year Oldham Youth Council has set a target of 12,500 young people to be consulted with across the borough.

Member of Youth Parliament Amber Powell, 17, who will be organizing the Make Your Mark campaign in Oldham, said: “This is a great year for Make Your Mark.

“If everyone can increase what they did last by just little we can consult with 1,000,000 young people. That is a lot of voices and many voices shouting together can make a big difference.”

Georgia Loynds, 17, a Member of Youth Parliament, will also be organizing the Make Your Mark campaign in Oldham.

She said: “This is why I became MYP, to represent the views of young people across Oldham.

“It’s not about the number of young people, it’s about making sure Oldham has its say on what happens nationally.”

Visit www.ukyouthparliament.org.uk/makeyourmark to have your vote.


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