Out of this world

A DREAM business that became a reality for a Greenfield couple is celebrating two successful years of helping and healing others.

Susan and Marcus Henthorn opened Moonstone mind, body and spirit shop in Greenfield after deciding to follow their passion for Reiki healing and spiritual experiences. P11 - Moonstone

Both qualified Reiki masters, the duo practiced in their spare bedroom before taking the leap and insist the move was one of the best decisions they have made.

“Our goal was to open our own shop and we have fulfilled that dream,” said Susan, who is also an artist.

“It’s taken two years to really get the business off the ground. But in that time we’ve made a lot of new friends and it’s rewarding to see customers enjoying the shop.”

The shop – nicknamed an Aladdin’s cave – stocks a host of gifts including crystals, angels, candles, fairies, Buddhas, incense, aroma diffusers, and tarot cards.

Visitors can also book a private tarot reading or Reiki session in the soothing healing room, or experience psychic nights or workshops with local and international mediums.

Marcus added: “It’s a great feeling to know we are helping people with the healing and seeing their health improve.

“We also helped inspire a local author, who was a sceptic before coming to our psychic and Shaman events but now he’s writing about it.”

The couple flogged their wares at their first Shop Local event last month and as their business booms they revealed some customers travel from Huddersfield just to see them.

Susan added: “We are not new-age hippies, we just want to raise awareness of psychic experiences and other worlds and to help people with their beliefs.”

Visit Moonstone on Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield, or find out more about their events and healing sessions on their website: http://www.themindbodyspiritshop.com/ or by calling: 01457 871222.

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