Party time no more for Roberts and Goodman

TWO councillors who scored historic wins for the Saddleworth First party in last May’s elections have resigned.

Carl Roberts and Duncan Goodman marked the party’s debut election by taking seats in the Springhead Higher ward.

However, both have now tendered their resignation to Saddleworth Parish Council citing business and personal reasons.

They are now in the process of officially de-registering the party name with the Electoral Commission.

At the time of going to print it was still to be confirmed if a by-election would be needed to fill the vacancies.

Ten or more people had until Wednesday, February 12 to officially call for a new vote to replace Mr Roberts and Mr Goodman. If not, existing councillors can co-opt new members.

Former Independent councillor Rob Knots, who stood for the Conservatives in last May’s elections, and Labour’s John Battye were the next candidates following success for the Saddleworth First pair.

Mr Roberts topped the poll with 243 votes with Mr Goodman claiming 163 votes.

The rest of the result was: Rob Knotts 145, John Battye 119, Stephen Barrow (Liberal Democrats) 108, Michael Scholes (Liberal Democrats) 70.

The Saddleworth Yorkshire and Proud Party was officially registered on November 16, 2018 before changing its name in March 2019.

Mr Roberts also stood for Saddleworth North in the 2019 Oldham Council elections finishing second, only 54 votes shy of Labour winner George Hulme.

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  1. Sounds very fishy to me. Start a party, get lots of help in electioneering and then suddenly close it down and both members resign. Don’t believe it’s for personal reasons at all, I wonder what’s really happened?

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