Plea for new volunteers to keep hospital fundraising team going

A RALLYING call has gone out for kind-hearted volunteers to help carry on the work of the Royal Oldham Hospital League of Friends after almost six decades.

Over the years, the committee has raised tens of thousands of pounds to for equipment and improvements for the hospital and its patients.

They raised a staggering £32,000 for the Royal Rover bus, £14,000 for kidney scanners, and helped develop a garden at the hospital, along with numerous other projects.

But now, with their membership falling to just nine they are seeking new people to join their ranks so they can continue their efforts.

Betty Tomlinson, chair of the committee, said: “We don’t want to fold but it is going that way as we just don’t have enough people to help.

“New people would bring in new ideas and be able to help us keep going and do more. Volunteers don’t even have to come to meetings, just get involved with what we’re doing.

“There’s only nine of us left so we can’t put on a lot of events but we do coffee mornings, afternoon teas, quiz nights and other events.

“We also have a book stall on Mondays and Fridays at the hospital which is our main source of money.

“But we struggle to get enough people to man it so we are looking for people to help out. It doesn’t have to be every week, just any help would be appreciated.”

She added: “We try to buy things that the NHS won’t, like the garden, so we don’t really like to buy equipment. But we are being asked more and more so we will do when we can.”

The committee meets on the first Monday of the month at the education centre at Royal Oldham Hospital (near the fountain).

Rose Hall, secretary, added: “We are in somewhat a time of crisis and we are desperate for some new members.

“We do not want this group to have to close as it has been going on now since 1960.”

A recent fundraiser by the committee saw around 30 people gather for a scrumptious afternoon tea at Vintage Ambiance in Diggle, raising approximately £250.

Their next event is a Perfume and Prosecco Evening at Betty’s house on August 14, 7pm. For more details or tickets, call Betty: 07542 278780.

• For more information or to get involved with the ROH League of Friends, call Betty: 07542 278780.

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