Police seek solution to A635 accident blackspot

POLICE are seeking a solution to help reduce the number of road traffic incidents occurring at an accident blackspot in Greenfield.

The A635, Holmfirth Road has seen 26 incidents in the last 12 months, Sergeant Neil Barker told the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership meeting in November.

And of those incidents, seven occurred between October 1-24, leading Sgt Barker and his team to target the area for extra work.

He explained: “The majority of the incidents are at a specific bend that has an adverse camber, with vehicles both going up and down the road.

“There is a lot of signage up there already so what the problem is I am not really convinced yet.

“The road there does have an adverse camber and there is a lot of water running across the road when it rains, so perhaps that’s not helping.

“We have taken photos of the spot and are liaising with the council to look at what, if anything, we can do.

“Buckstones Road has two similar bends and the surface there has been redone so that is a potential solution. We are currently working with the traffic team to sort something.

“The speed limit on the section of the Holmfirth Road in question is 50mph but it does not necessarily follow that it is safe to drive at that speed along the complete length of the road at all times.

“Weather conditions, volume of traffic, level of skill, health and awareness of the driver, the condition and type of vehicle will all have an impact on the appropriate safe speed to negotiate the section of road. “

There have been calls for the deployment of a road safety camera van to deter speeding drivers.

One such van has been regularly deployed for years on the A670 Mossley to Ashton-under-Lyne road, on a bend close to Stalybridge Celtic Juniors Football Club.

“There are many locations across the Saddleworth and Lees area where community concerns have been raised in relation to vehicles travelling at excessive speed,” added Sgt Barker.

“Demand for the Safety Camera Vans outstrips availability and tough decisions need to be made as to where the resource is deployed.”

Speeding concerns on the Holmfirth Road will be discussed at the Saddleworth Parish Council Traffic and Transport Sub Committee on Wednesday, January 17, starting at 6.30pm.


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  1. The water on this road causes cars to aqua plane to the other side of the road. I have witnessed this several times. Even at 50 mph it’s a combined speed of 100 mph on impact. Having used the A635 for sixteen years working full time I have seen some very poor driving and some very bad accidents. Please take care.

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