Pollution “possible” cause of dead fish in Greenfield say Environment Agency

THE death of fish in a Greenfield watercourse could be the result of pollution according to the Environment Agency.

Numerous trout were discovered floating in Warlow Brook on Wednesday, August 22 leading to inspections by United Utilities and EA officers.

Local residents also posted handmade signs warning dog owners not to let their pet drink or swim in the water.

An EA spokesperson told the Independent: “Our officers have been on site and identified the cause as a possible pollution incident.

“Approximately 200m of a tributary of Chew Brook has been impacted, resulting in several dead trout.

“Environment Officers have taken water samples from various outlets to identify the potential pollutant.

“Our investigations into this incident are ongoing and we are working with our partners at United Utilities to minimise any further impact to the environment.

“We take incidents of pollution very seriously and we will take tough action against any company or individual who causes significant pollution and damage to the environment.

“Our staff work 24/7 to protect people and wildlife from pollution incidents and we would urge anyone who notices pollution to land or water to report it to our hotline: 0800 80 70 60.”

A spokesperson for United Utilities said: “We have investigated this sad situation and confirmed that it is not linked to any of our work or our sites.”

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