Prime Minister asked to step in on convicted Saddleworth Parish councillor debate

THE PRIME Minister has been asked to review the law allowing a convicted sex offender to remain in public office.

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Cllr Mike Buckley

The move comes as Cllr Mike Buckley retains his seat on Saddleworth Parish Council despite being convicted at crown court of downloading more than 400 images of naked boys.

He was sentenced to a 28-day curfew, signed the sex offender’s register, and must take part in the Internet Sexual Offenders Treatment Programme.

He insisted he will not step down from the Parish Council, saying “my responsibility is to those who elected me. I intend to carry on doing that to the best of my abilities.”

But Cllr Neil Allsopp, chairman of the 20-strong Parish Council, has written to the Prime Minister, Home Secretary, Secretary of State for Local Government, the Justice Minister and Debbie Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, to complain.

In his letter, Cllr Allsopp, wrote: “The judge stated Cllr Buckley losing his good name and standing in the community was a severe punishment in itself.

“Unfortunately, none of this prevents Cllr Buckley from continuing to hold office.

“Having consulted with Oldham’s Borough Solicitor I am informed only upon receiving a prison sentence of three months or longer, suspended or served, can a Parish Councillor be automatically barred from holding office.

“As we are often requested to attend primary schools or places with vulnerable adults, it is surely wholly inappropriate for anyone guilty of such crimes to continue to remain in office.

“Despite demands from other councillors and huge public outrage, Cllr Buckley refuses to resign. This is a very unsatisfactory situation and one which must never be repeated.

“I request an immediate review of the law hopefully with the outcome that it is amended to ensure any public official or councillor cannot hold office if they have been convicted of serious crimes against children or vulnerable adults.”


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  1. Further evidence that Saddleworth Parish Council has no power. They have yet to do anything useful! They lost the Village Green in Diggle, the pathetic Christmas Tree episode, there is the school farce and now they can’t even evict a criminal from their own… Is it time to shut the Parish Council for something more useful?

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