Public appeal launched to raise £500,000 to restore Marsden Moor after blazes

AN appeal to raise £500,000 to help restore Marsden Moor has been launched by the National Trust after the latest outbreak of wildfires devastated huge areas of countryside.

Six moorland fires have destroyed huge swathes of the landscape this year with the most recent fires, started on Easter Sunday, damaging 1,500 hectares of moorland habitat.

Staff and volunteers are working with partners Moors for the Future and United Utilities to assess the level of damage and what needs to be done to restore this important landscape.

In response to the community asking how they can help, the National Trust has set up an appeal page on their website to accept donations as they look to raise £500,000.

They said: “After a number of devastating fires, this precious moorland habitat needs your help.

“In response to overwhelming offers of support, we’re asking for your donations to help us restore this landscape.

“In spring 2019, a number of ferocious fires have devastated moorland.

“Over the Easter weekend, the most significant fire in recent years covered an estimated 1,500 hectares, destroying precious habitat.

“Your donation will go towards helping us manage the fires, work with partners to prevent future fires, and restoration work that will be required over the coming months and years.”

They added £10 could go towards the helicopter used to put out the fire, £20 could support work to re-wet the moorland to prevent future fires and £50 could help replant the sphagnum moss which was recently planted and has been lost in the devastation.

Find out more and make a donation online:

2 Replies to “Public appeal launched to raise £500,000 to restore Marsden Moor after blazes”

  1. Tried to contribute to the fie thing.
    But why Ohh bloody why do I have to provide all of my personal information?
    Not prepared to do so.
    This has stopped me from contributing to the cause

  2. Don’t worry Peter. The National Trust’s 2017-18 accounts show that it has unrestricted reserves of £311.4 million. It doesn’t need your tenner!

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