Public views invited over moors protection orders

PEOPLE could be fined £90 on the spot if they are caught with a lit barbecue or bonfire on the moors above Greater Manchester.

Oldham and Tameside Councils are jointly proposing to introduce two public space protection orders (PSPO) on land spanning Saddleworth Moor and Marsden Moor.

It would mean people will be banned from taking barbecues, fireworks and sky lanterns into the area.

Anyone found to be breaching the orders would be punished with a £90 on the spot fine or face prosecution through the courts.

Apocalyptic fires last June and July forced residents to be evacuated from their homes in Carrbrook as the moors burned for more than three weeks.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service believe the cause was arson after someone was spotted lighting a bonfire on the moors near Stalybridge.

This Easter, more fires raged across the moors in Uppermill, Diggle, Delph, Denshaw and Marsden, with fire services fighting the flames for days.

The PSPOs are designed to prevent a repeat of similar catastrophes and are set to go out to a formal public consultation.

Cllr Arooj Shah, Oldham Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for social justice and communities, said: “Unfortunately over the last few years several huge fires, some which have been started by discarded barbecues, have put lives and property at risk.

“Fighting the fires also tied up resources that could have been needed elsewhere, in the process costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. That can’t go on.

“We aren’t trying to be killjoys – we want people to go out and enjoy our countryside and just to act responsibly. If they don’t then they could face action.”

The decision to implement the orders is being backed by the opposition Liberal Democrat group in Oldham.

Cllr Garth Harkness, who represents Saddleworth North, called on drones to be used to enforce the orders.

He said: “Like many residents, I have been distressed to witness the devastating fires on Saddleworth and Crompton Moors over Easter and before that.

“Some are doubtless ignited by natural causes, but, in all too many cases, they are the malicious work of arsonists or caused by irresponsibility on the part of day-trippers using portable disposable barbeques or discarding cigarettes on the moor.

“I believe we need to have a PSPO as it represents one more legal tool to help combat the irresponsible firelighters on the moor or those who are down-right criminal.

“The Oldham Liberal Democrats would like to see the council and its partners working together to enforce these orders, including using drones on the moor.

“I for one do not want to see another summer of our beautiful moorlands ablaze and the frightening prospect of a fatality.”

Oldham and Tameside Councils will carry out a formal consultation on the proposed PSPOs from July 8 to August 5 and councillors, stakeholders and residents will be able to submit comments on the proposals.

Signs will be put in place around the designated area to advertise the proposed orders. If approved, they would be in place for three years.

Details of how to submit a comment are included in the Notices of Proposed Orders.

Copies of the proposed PSPOs and Notices of Proposed Orders will be found on the websites and from July 8.

Words by Charlotte Green – Local Democracy Reporter

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  1. I don’t think a £90. fine is sufficient in this day & age to deter people from doing this kind of thing on our beautiful moors. I’m fairly certain that the people who caused these fires are not locals, or maybe they are children who don’t care about our countryside, maybe their parents don’t even know they are up there doing this damage. Lets have fines that are more in keeping with the enormous costs which are the result of these careless people or arsonists.

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