Pupils’ campaign addresses school parking concerns at Diggle Primary

YOUNGSTERS at a Saddleworth primary school took matters into their own hands to teach inconsiderate motorists about road safety.

CAMPAIGNING: Maddie Hunter, 10, teacher Claire Bird, and Poppy Blair, 10

Pupils at Diggle School hope their week-long campaign will help avoid a repeat of a recent incident when a child was almost struck by a car crossing Sam Road.

Twice a day, at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, the children took it in turns to stand outside the school promoting their messages.

With support from their teachers, the youngsters produced placards urging drivers not to double park and to avoid parking on zig-zags outside the school. 

One side of Sam Road, near the school, is free of double yellow lines. 

But some parents have taken to parking half on the pavement and half on the road making visibility difficult when crossing the road.

Jack Ellis, 7, and Klayton Lloyd, 9

“There is nothing more important to us here at Diggle than keeping our children safe,” said headteacher Sarah Newton.

“The vast majority of our parents have been very supportive of our parking measures. 

“There are, however, a small minority who place their convenience above the safety of our children and that is not acceptable. 

“Therefore, we have now enlisted the support of our children and hope to change the habits of those parents who regularly double park and stop on the zig zags. 

“It is empowering for the children to feel like they are making a difference.”

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