Put some zing into your swing

ROBERT JOHNSON, Saddleworth Golf Club’s PGA professional, has developed an Indoor Teaching Academy.

Using a dual camera video system, Rob is able to record a player’s swing from face on and down the line positions, and then analyse these, using C-Swing Teaching Software.

This state-of-the-art software enables the two swings to be played back simultaneously, frame by frame, so it is easy to identify where certain flaws originate from.

It is a great way of having a lesson and helps Rob to explain the pupil’s faults, but importantly helps them understand easier having seen it for themselves.

Rob has also invested in an Optishot Golf Simulator, which is great for playing and practising. The infrared sensors on the unit, monitor the swing path, clubhead speed, face alignment, where about on the face the ball was struck and the shot tempo. From this data, the distance hit is calculated.

The software then can show you what the shot would have looked like. Using all this enables you to play Virtual Golf on a variety of courses. It is great fun and when the course is closed, or the weather is poor you can still keep your eye in.

Another service Rob can provide is club custom fitting. You can either get fitted for new equipment so you know when ordering the specification is correct for you with regard to loft and lie, length, grip size, and shaft flex.

He can also measure your own existing equipment, to make sure they are correct for you, and adjust them if necessary.

If you are struggling with your game, or just want that confirmation that you are on the right track, give Rob a call at Saddleworth Golf Club, on 01457 810412, or go on his website  www.robjohnsongolf.co.uk

You can also go on Facebook to keep up to date on what is going on at the club and in the shop. Search for The Pro’s Shop at Saddleworth Golf Club.

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