Putting Saddleworth first is the message of new party candidates

CARL Roberts and Duncan Goodman have confirmed their intention to stand as candidates for the newly formed Saddleworth Yorkshire & Proud Party at May’s local elections.

But the two challengers hope more candidates and also volunteers will align themselves to their cause in the coming months.

Carl Roberts

In February’s Independent, Austerlands accountant Mr Goodman outlined his vision for the SYPP, officially registered at the Electoral Commission on November 16, 2018.

Mr Roberts will challenge in Saddleworth North and Springhead Higher on May 2 while Mr Goodman will run in Saddleworth North and for Dobcross at Parish.

All of Saddleworth’s Parish Councillors are up for re-election this year though many are expected not to stand again. Independent Cllr Keith Lucas has recently resigned.

Carl’s vision is to “uphold the unique traditions of the villages that make up Saddleworth and are important to our community and way of life.”

He is also keen to preserve Saddleworth green belt under threat in the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

The pair have already leafleted throughout Saddleworth and plan more information gathering opportunities in the near future.

“We desperately need people to give their time,” added Carl.

“The intention is to personally knock on doors as much as we can to get the message across,” said Duncan. “I’ve always taken the view it is going to take time. We will do it again next year when hopefully we will have more volunteers and more funding.

“The Independents seem to be going away so that’s one of the plusses of our campaign.”

Saddleworth ceased to be part of Yorkshire’s local government administration in 1974, transferring to Oldham’s control.

However, Yorkshire Day is celebrated annually on August 1 and the White Rose Society say the 1974 changes “did not affect traditional and historic county boundaries.”

More information can be found online: www.whiterose.saddleworth.net

A spokesperson for the White Rose Society said: “The aims of Saddleworth White Rose Society are to Preserve and Promote the History, Culture and Identity of Saddleworth as part of the West Riding of Yorkshire.

“Our Constitution prevents any support or comment on matters of politics or political parties.”

Anyone interested in standing for the SYPP on May 2 or can help distribute leaflets can email saddleworth.yorkshire@aol.co.uk or ring 07756 995785.

Carl can be contacted by email robertscarl7@aol.com or call
0161 633 3735.

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