Quiz time courtesy of ‘The Diggle and Delph donkeys’

DON your thinking cap to tackle these questions from quiz team The Diggle and Delph Donkeys.

Can you work out these answers which all include small?

  1. A slang term for underwear
  2. In the body what is 20 feet long and 1 inch in diameter
  3. Celery, especially in its wild state
  4. 1960s rock band whose hits include All or Nothing and Tin Soldier
  5. Lead singer of the band M People
  6. A British TV series based on the books of veterinary surgeon
  7. Conversation about unimportant things
  8. An agricultural dwelling not as big as a farm
  9. To improve your life in a big way is to enjoy the…
  10. A trifling amount of money or chicken feed is…


Email gemma@ggcmedia.co.uk for the answer sheet and Good Luck!

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