Refresh your space with five spring trends

THE long, dark days of winter are gone, with the promise of warmer, brighter days ahead.

Spring is a time of re-awakenings, to take stock, and look forward to a whole new year.

It brings the chance to get outdoors, bring the inside out and the outside in.

Our homes have the chance to blossom, infusing light and colour. What better time to renew and refresh your interior and exterior spaces?

Housing Units has five new spring trends this year, taking inspiration from around the globe and including the latest colourful styles to suit every taste and offer stunning looks with amazing furniture and accessories.

• NEO MINIMALISM: This elevated, open-plan interior design trend helps you to create spaces in your home that connect seamlessly together.

• NATURAL MACCHIATO: Inspired by the frothy mix of warmth, vibrancy and quality of Italian interior design, this trend is about creating a space that simply oozes style.

• SHAGREEN LUXE: Anchored by its Art Deco inspired Shagreen finish, this trend builds a sophisticated interior style infused with luxury.

• OUTDOOR LIVING: This trend takes its inspiration from exterior spaces the world over, it’s about extending boundaries and bringing the inside out and the outside in.

• MAXIMALISM featuring Olivia James: The perfect trend for people with an expressive yet considered character. Its eclectic mix of fabrics, patterns, colours and materials allows you to accentuate or tone down the boldness of the overall look.

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