Residents invited to help plan Dobcross Band Club future

DOBCROSS RESIDENTS are invited to a public brainstorming session to discuss the local band club.

Members and patrons of Dobcross Band and Social Club on Platt Lane have already consulted on ideas about how to increase footfall at the 100-year-old centre.

A band club committee spokesman explained: “The survey had a very good response rate and we implemented many of the suggestions with excellent results.

“Now, as this proved so successful, we’d like to repeat the process again – but this time involve all villagers so we can take into account our whole community’s needs.

“We are seeking ideas on how to ensure the club remains a sustainable, community facility, including the feasibility of re-building as the current structure has a limited life.”

The village meeting will take place at the club at 2pm on Sunday, November 22.

Journalist Ken Bennett will act as facilitator and encourage questions and debate on the day. There will be bar facilities.


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