Rishworth School delighted as students perform extremely well in GCSEs

Rishworth School is delighted to announced their students have performed extremely well in the GCSE exams and they are very pleased indeed with the results.

Grades attained were:

  • 87 per-cent  of all grades were 9 – 4 (or A* – C):
  • 86 per-cent of pupils attained 5 or more 9 – 4 (or A* – C) Grades
  • 37 per-cent of the students gained 3 or more grades at 9 – 7 (or A*- A).
Students celebrating their GCSE results

Headmaster Peter Seery commented: “We are deeply proud of the achievements of our students in this year’s GCSE examinations, particularly as there has been so much uncertainty around the changes to the qualification.

“Our students have worked extremely hard and have remained focused on what they have needed to do in order to give of their best.

“At Rishworth we have – and are committed to having – not only academically-gifted students but also a wide spectrum of aptitudes, including some pupils who are singularly disadvantaged, for example by not having English as their first, or even their second, language.

“This makes our results all the more pleasing and the pupils and the staff deserving of praise.

“These examination results represent a huge amount of dedication and hard work and I would like to thank our hugely talented and committed staff for everything they have done to support our students.

“I am proud of the ongoing care and support that students at Rishworth receive from their teachers.

However good the statistics are, what we really care about, and what we believe parents and pupils really care about, is how each pupil fares relative to his or her own potential. And that is where Rishworth truly excels.”

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