Rumbling sensation in Grotton a source of delight to councillors

GROTTON is ready to rumble – and people could not be happier.

For the installation of new rumble strips can help solve a speeding issue.

Under Lane in the area has been the centre of calls for something to be done from local councillors for some time.

Despite numerous accidents and daily speeding incidents, it had not been possible to secure funding for any enforcement measures of cushions or a 20mph limit.

Now the rumble strips, which alert drivers of potential danger by changing the noise a vehicle’s tyres make on the surface and is widely used in the UK to improve road safety in areas where a hazard or speed restriction needs to be highlighted, have been put in, they could not hide their delight.

“Under Lane in Grotton is a place where lots of people are concerned about vehicle speeds so this has been on our wish list for a very long time” said Cllr Alicia Marland.

“This stretch of road is narrow, it has no pavement, there is a blind exit from Quickedge Lane and there is limited residents parking which results in double parking on Under Lane.”

Cllr Mark Kenyon added: “We can’t sit by and do nothing as this route is hazardous for both pedestrians and vehicles but I’m pleased to say that this is just the start of several traffic safety projects that we are moving forward with this year.

“Many of these projects will have a positive impact on local schools where safety is our highest priority.

“Obviously we can’t fix all of the dangerous driving all of us witness on a daily basis, but that shouldn’t stop us trying.”

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