Saddleworth and District Cricket League: Fixtures 2015


1st XI FIXTURES SEASON 2015 (2nd XI League fixtures. venues reversed)

LEAGUE MATCHES commence 1.45 pm April 19 to August 16. After August 16 commence at 1pm.

TANNER & MOORE CUP MATCHES commence at 1.15pm.

TWENTY/20 MATCHES commence 6.30pm. Except on finals day(August Bank Holiday Monday)

First semi final to commence 10.30am, second semi 1.30pm and final at 4.30pm.



Sunday April 19
Friarmere  v  Moorside; Greenfield  v  Micklehurst; Hollinwood v  Austerlands; Saddleworth  v  Glodwick; Uppermill  v  Stayley; Whalley Range v  Shaw; Wythenshawe v  South West Manchester. Open date:   Droylsden

Saturday April 25
Droylsden v  Friarmere; Glodwick  v  Uppermill; Micklehurst  v  Whalley Range; Moorside v  Greenfield; Shaw  v  Wythenshawe; South West Manchester v Saddleworth; Stayley  v  Hollinwood. Open date: Austerlands

Sunday April 26
Open Date

Saturday May 2
Austerlands v Stayley; Greenfield  v  Droylsden; Hollinwood  v  Glodwick; Saddleworth v Shaw; Uppermill  v  South West Manchester; Whalley Range  v  Moorside; Wythenshawe v Micklehurst. Open date: Friarmere

Sunday May 3
Droylsden v Whalley Range; Friarmere v Greenfield; Glodwick v Austerlands; Micklehurst v Saddleworth; Moorside v Wythenshawe; Shaw v Uppermill; South West Manchester v Hollinwood. Open date:Stayley

Saturday May 9
Austerlands v South West Manchester; Hollinwood v Shaw; Saddleworth v Moorside; Stayley v Glodwick; Uppermill v Micklehurst; Whalley Range  v  Friarmere; Wythenshawe v  Droylsden. Open date: Greenfield

Sunday May 10
Droylsden v Saddleworth; Friarmere v Wythenshawe; Greenfield v  Whalley Range; Micklehurst   v  Hollinwood; Moorside v Uppermill; Shaw v Austerlands; South West Manchester v  Stayley. Open date: Glodwick

Saturday May 16
Austerlands v Micklehurst; Glodwick v South West Manchester; Hollinwood v Moorside; Saddleworth v Friarmere; Stayley v Shaw; Uppermill v  Droylsden; Wythenshawe  v  Greenfield. Open date: Whalley Range

Sunday May 1
Tanner & Moore Cups, Round 1 (Supported by Kookabuura/Readers Cricket)
Moorside v Saddleworth; Greenfield  v  Shaw; Stayley v Hollinwood; Droylsden  v  Glodwick; Austerlands v  South West Manchester, Wythenshawe  v  Friarmere; Micklehurst   v  Uppermill. Bye: Whalley Range

Saturday May 23
Austerlands v  Droylsden; Glodwick  v  Micklehurst; Hollinwood v  Friarmere; Saddleworth  v  Whalley Range; South West Manchester v  Shaw; Stayley  v  Moorside; Uppermill v  Greenfield. Open date: Wythenshawe

Sunday May 24
LCB KO Cup Round 1
Bootle (Liverpool Comp) v Stayley; Saddleworth  v Denton West (Lancs Co. League); Uppermill   v East Lancs Paper Mill (North M/cr League);Westhoughton (Bolton League ) v  Glodwick. Bye: Moorside (In 2nd Round away to either Garstang or St. Annes) 

Whit Friday May 29
Greenfield v Saddleworth

Saturday May 30
Droylsden v Hollinwood; Friarmere   v  Uppermill; Micklehurst v  Stayley; Moorside v Austerlands; Saddleworth  v Greenfield; Shaw v  Glodwick; Whalley Range v  Wythenshawe. Open date: South West Manchester

Sunday May 31
Austerlands v Moorside; Glodwick v Shaw; Hollinwood v Droylsden; Stayley v Micklehurst; Uppermill  v  Friarmere; Wythenshawe v Whalley Range. Open date: South West Manchester

Saturday June 6
Droylsden  v  Stayley; Friarmere v Austerlands; Greenfield v Hollinwood; Micklehurst v South West Manchester; Moorside v Glodwick; Whalley Range v  Uppermill; Wythenshawe v  Saddleworth; Open date: Shaw

Sunday June 7
Readers Lancashire Inter League KO Competition, Round 1
Saddleworth League v  Liverpool Competition (venue to be decided)

Friday June 12
Pro Elite Sports Twenty/20 Competition, Round 1
Wythenshawe v Saddleworth; Uppermill v Moorside; Droylsden v  Shaw; Hollinwood v  South West Manchester; Micklehurst v Greenfield; Friarmere v Stayley; Glodwick v Whalley Range 

Saturday June 13
Austerlands v Greenfield; Glodwick v  Droylsden; Hollinwood  v  Whalley Range; Shaw v Micklehurst; South West Manchester v  Moorside; Stayley v Friarmere; Uppermill v  Wythenshawe. Open date: Saddleworth

Sunday June 14
LCB KO Cup, Round 2
Darwen or Barrow v Saddleworthor Denton West; St. Annes or Garstang  vMoorside; Uppermill  or East Lancs; Paper Mill  v Bootle orStayley; Westhoughton orGlodwickv Ribblesdale Wanderers or Prestwich

Saturday June 20
Droylsden v South West Manchester; Friarmere  v Glodwick; Greenfield v Stayley; Moorside v  Shaw; Uppermill v Saddleworth; Whalley Range v Austerlands; Wythenshawe v Hollinwood. Open date: Micklehurst

Sunday June 21
Tanner/ Moore Cups, Round 2 (Supported by Kookaburra / Readers Cricket)
Micklehurst or Uppermill v Austerlands or South West Manchester; Droylsden or Glodwick v Stayley or Hollinwood; Wythenshawe or Friarmere  v  Greenfield or Shaw; Moorside or Saddleworth v  Whalley Range

Saturday June 27
Glodwick v Wythenshawe; Micklehurst v Friarmere; Moorside v  Droylsden; Shaw v Greenfield;  South West Manchester v Whalley Range; Stayley v Saddleworth; Uppermill v Austerlands. Open date: Hollinwood

Sunday June 28
Droylsden v Micklehurst; Friarmere v Shaw; Greenfield  v South West Manchester; Saddleworth v Austerlands; Uppermill v Hollinwood; Whalley Range  v  Glodwick; Wythenshawe v Stayley. Open date: Moorside

Saturday July 4
Austerlands v Wythenshawe; Glodwick v Greenfield; Hollinwood v Saddleworth; Micklehurst  v Moorside; Shaw  v  Droylsden; South West Manchester v Friarmere; Stayley v Whalley Range. Open date:Uppermill

Sunday July 5
LCB KO Cup, Round 3

Friday July 10
Pro Elite Sports Twenty/20 Competition Round 2
Friarmere or Stayley v  Uppermill or Moorside; Hollinwood or South West Manchester v Droylsden or Shaw; Micklehurst or Greenfield  v  Austerlands; Wythenshawe or Saddleworth  v Glodwick or Whalley Range

Saturday July 11
Austerlands v Hollinwood; Glodwick v Saddleworth; Micklehurst v Greenfield; Moorside v  Friarmere; Shaw      v  Whalley Range; South West Manchester v Wythenshawe; Stayley v Uppermill. Open date: Droylsden

Sunday July 12
Moore Cup Semi Finals
Readers Lancashire  Inter League KO Competition, Round 2

Saturday July 18
Friarmere v Droylsden; Greenfield v Moorside; Hollinwood v Stayley; Saddleworth v South West Manchester; Uppermill v Glodwick; Whalley Range v Micklehurst; Wythenshawe v Shaw. Open date: Austerlands

Sunday July 19
Tanner Cup Semi Finals (Supported by Kookaburra/Readers cricket)
Droylsden/Glodwick/Stayley/Hollinwood v Wythenshawe/Friarmere/Greenfield/Shaw; Micklehurst/Uppermill/ Austerlands/ South West Manchester v Moorside/Saddleworth/Whalley Range

Saturday July 25
Droylsden v Greenfield; Glodwick v Hollinwood; Micklehurst v Wythenshawe; Moorside v Whalley Range; Shaw v Saddleworth; South West Manchester  v  Uppermill; Stayley v Austerlands. Open date: Friarmere

Sunday July 26
Reserve Day Tanner & Moore Cup Semi Finals also LCB KO Cup Quarter Finals

Saturday August 1
Austerlands  v Glodwick; Greenfield v Friarmere; Hollinwood v South West Manchester; Saddleworth v  Micklehurst; Uppermill  v Shaw; Whalley Range v Droylsden; Wythenshawe v Moorside. Open date:Stayley

Sunday August 2
Droylsden v Wythenshawe; Friarmere v Whalley Range; Glodwick v Stayley; Micklehurst v Uppermill; Moorside   v  Saddleworth; Shaw v Hollinwood; South West Manchester v Austerlands. Open date: Greenfield

Saturday August 8
Austerlands  v Shaw; Hollinwood v  Micklehurst; Saddleworth v  Droylsden; Stayley v South West Manchester; Uppermill v Moorside; Whalley Range v Greenfield; Wythenshawe v Friarmere. Open date: Glodwick

Sunday August 9
Moore Cup Final also Final Readers Lancashire Inter League KO Competition.

Saturday August 15
Droylsden v Uppermill; Friarmere v Saddleworth; Greenfield v Wythenshawe; Micklehurst v Austerlands; Moorside v Hollinwood; Shaw v Stayley; South West Manchester v Glodwick. Open date: Whalley Range

Sunday August 16
Tanner Cup Final also LCB KO Competition Semi Finals                                                                                                                                     

Saturday August 22
Droylsden v Austerlands; Friarmere v  Hollinwood; Greenfield  v  Uppermill; Micklehurst v Glodwick; Moorside v  Stayley; Shaw v South West Manchester; Whalley Range v Saddleworth. Open date: Wythenshawe

Sunday August 23
Reserve Day Moore Cup Final

Saturday August 29
Start of J K Bacon Trophy matches.  Last 6 games. Most points combined total 1st and 2nd XIs
Austerlands v Friarmere; Glodwick v Moorside; Hollinwood  v Greenfield; Saddleworth v Wythenshawe; South West Manchester v  Micklehurst; Stayley v Droylsden; Uppermill v Whalley Range. Open date: Shaw

Sunday August 30
Reserve Day Tanner Cup Final

Bank Holiday Monday August 31
Pro Elite Sports Twenty/20 Competition Semi Finals and Final Day (First  Semi Final starts 10.30am)
Draw to be made and venue decided after round two results.

Saturday September 5
Droylsden v Glodwick; Friarmere v Stayley; Greenfield v Austerlands; Micklehurst v Shaw; Moorside v South West Manchester; Whalley Range v Hollinwood; Wythenshawe v Uppermill. Open date: Saddleworth

Sunday September 6
Also LCB KO Competition Final
Austerlands  v Whalley Range; Glodwick v Friarmere; Hollinwood  v Wythenshawe; Saddleworth v Uppermill; Shaw v Moorside; South West Manchester v Droylsden; Stayley v Greenfield. Open date: Micklehurst

Saturday September 12
Austerlands  v Uppermill; Droylsden v Moorside; Friarmere v Micklehurst; Greenfield  v Shaw; Saddleworth v  Stayley; Whalley Range v South West Manchester; Wythenshawe v Glodwick. Open date: Hollinwood

Sunday September 13
Austerlands  v  Saddleworth; Glodwick v Whalley Range; Hollinwood v Uppermill; Micklehurst v Droylsden; Shaw v Friarmere; South West Manchester v Greenfield, Stayley v Wythenshawe. Open date:Moorside

Saturday September 19
Open date

Sunday September 20
Droylsden v Shaw; Friarmere v South West Manchester; Greenfield  v Glodwick; Moorside v Micklehurst; Saddleworth v Hollinwood; Whalley Range v  Stayley; Wythenshawe v  Austerlands. Open date: Uppermill

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